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The Machine lies in pieces, it’s eerie, red glow fading from the sky.
The ‘mini’ Steel Spider stands frozen, poised to crush Justin.
The Storm finally came, and if you are lucky the rain might just wash away the blood it brought with it. But many questions remain.

Exactly who is Darren van Harrod, and why was he after the DeLong Star Ruby?
What exactly happened to the SS California off the coast of New Jersey?
Who was the madmen activating the Machine, and what were they hoping to accomplish with the red lightning strikes?

What have you gotten yourselves mixed up in?

Session 1 Teaser:

March, 1936.
New York City.

Summer is still months away, but already the city is in the grips of a heat wave the likes of which have not been seen in memory. Temperatures soar to the mid 90s and above, the heat trapped by the shiny new skyscrapers and asphalt, slowly cooking the city in an oven of its own devising. Above, the sky roils with sinister, gun-metal grey clouds that have promised, but failed to deliver, a storm to break the heat for two solid weeks now.
Rather than exploding into violence, as the city has done in the past when heat drives the residents to try and find relief in the blood of their neighbors, the mood in the city has been quiet, expectant. People slide through their lives with their heads low, as though trying to dodge some ill-defined fate.
Something is coming, everyone can feel it.
The Storm will break soon…

Main Page

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