The year is 1936, and if the world is holding itself together it is only because sacrifices are being made in the face of the escalating cycle of violence and desperation.

The League of Nations falters in the face of Europe’s fracturing. Spain wages war on itself. Stalin brutalizes his own people. Nazi Germany is set to welcome the world to the Olympics, intent on proving their superiority. The United States, and indeed the world, is deep in the grips of the Great Depression, and only FDR’s endless patience and desperate measures are holding it at bay at home. Japan continues their march through Asia, signing the Tripartite Pact with Germany when the world begs it to stop The weather itself seems to have turned against man, with unnaturally powerful tornadoes ravaging the Southern US and a heat wave brutalizing the Northern Hemisphere, all of this aggravating the Dust Bowl that continues to blow the rich soil of America’s heartland across her increasingly barren surface.

The FBI and their erstwhile G-men have managed to begin to turn the tides against the rogue desperadoes armed with Thompsons, fast cars, and even stranger gadgets that seemed to pick off banks seemingly at whim for the last two years, but it has done so in a hail of bullets. The end of prohibition and further violence has done much to weaken the mafia, but the sinister Commission is still a powerful force that serves to coordinate crime in the United States and, some say, far beyond.

Is this what the world has become? A constant struggle against vicious and self-centered men that can only be won through violence? A nightmare where only Man’s darker nature thrives?

What could possibly have been behind this stunning decline from the golden years after the Great War? Why does it seem like every single attempt at bettering the world fails, almost like it is cursed?

Who will take a stand for Justice and Right?
Who will take a stand for Honesty and Decency?
Who can we turn to in our time of need!?

A Sanguine Storm

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